1. hellolulu x Kirby Café Collaboration | hellolulu joining the Kirby party in Tokyo 星之卡比Café

    Kirby & friends are waiting to see you at Tokyo Skytree! hellolulu of course will not miss this happy party organized by Kirby, that’s why hellolulu x Kirby Café collaboration is launched: Limited Kirby Edition TATE & KASEN, exclusively available in Kirby Café The Store.*

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  2. Discovering the undiscovered. Mongolia. (written by CALLI HORIZON)

    The pursuit of happiness seems to be a hard task. Things draw happiness further as we grow old …After all, happiness turns to be the sequel of a simple, carefree mindset. Just like the travel photographer Irene Li@Calli Horizon, chose to experience the continental Mongolia to soak up the internet-less yet timeless atmosphere in 2 weeks’ time.

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  3. hellolulu x B:MING by BEAMS - hellolulu's very first Helmet Bag HENSON

    After the great success of the previous collaborations, we are teaming with B:MING by BEAMS, the lifestyle label of famous clothing brand BEAMS, again for our very first 3-way helmet bag - HENSON.

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  4. In The Mood For hellolulu - JORI/TATE

    People love things for many reasons. Why do you love hellolulu? Why do they love hellolulu? Let's see what they say! Introducing the new column- In the mood for hellolulu.

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  5. [hellolulu x B:MING] 2018 Special Edition TYSON

    The past collaborations with B:MING by BEAMS were all great achievements. In Spring & Summer 2018, B:MING initiated an unprecedented product development collaboration with hellolulu. hellolulu designed brand new B:MING online store limited items: Drawstring two-way backpack and Drawstring shoulder bag. hellolulu retains its signature elements - simple, pragmatic designs - and exclusive colors for this collaboration, one to look forward to this Spring & Summer.

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  6. [hellolulu x FUDGE Online Store] Special Edition TATE

    FUDGE Magazine introduces specially-picked, cute, fashionable items regularly, and has always been the fashion inspiration for many Japanese young ladies. hellolulu is very proud to be one of their frequently mentioned brands. Apart from being featured and highlighted in various issues, we are pleased to see our signature product, TATE, added onto the Fudge Online Store catalog as an exclusive collaboration!

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  7. [hellolulu x B:MING] Special Edition JORI

    We’ve got good news! While hellolulu products are designed around their concept “Carry Happiness”, Japanese brand BEAMS operates based on their brand mission to be a “Lifestyle Creator”. Since both brands have such compatible goals, let us make the announcement - hellolulu and BEAMS are back with another partnership!

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  8. [FW17 Collection ] Happy Travelers Embark on Tokyo Journey

    Our team at hellolulu have always admired one of Japan's greatest magazines , which delivers the latest scoop on fashion and lifestyle trends, with strong focus on distinctive designs from both local and global fashion brands. Besides fashion, also introduces readers to the unique culture, art, and music in Japan... overall a fantastic read!

    So for hellolulu's F/W 2017 collection, we specially invited the guys from to produce the lookbook. They took our team on a tour of Tokyo's nooks and crannies, where we captured the new collection's fit with the daily down-to-earth lifestyle of those living there. We were also lucky to have been greeted with all sorts of weather during the short stay, from sunny days to cloudy and rainy days, ultimately proving the practicality of our items. Seriously couldn't ask for a better trip! Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes for our upcoming lookbook!

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