hellolulu x B:MING by BEAMS - hellolulu's very first Helmet Bag HENSON

After the great success of the previous collaborations, we are teaming with B:MING, the lifestyle label of famous clothing brand BEAMS, again for our very first 3-way helmet bag - HENSON.

Helmet bags were widely used by the air force for helmet storage, its background gave a masculine dimension to the overall feel and look. This time, hellolulu x B:MING helmet bag collaboration accent more on immediate poise and character. HENSON is equipped with shoulder strap and handle for flexibility of swapping from backpack to shoulder bag or hand-held bag. hellolulu signature closure detailing offers unique convenience, which also made hellolulu helmet bag distinguishable from other brands. Use of mesh is a highlight in HENSON, not only because mesh has become the essential styling directive in Japan, the overall style is also elevated. Mesh works seamlessly with the silhouette of helmet bag, adds a subtle stylish balance to the rough look.

Sophisticated and detailing craftsmanship has always been hellolulu’s focal point in design. Padded fabric is applied on the backpack and the strap to offer extra comfort to spine; numerous compartments are equipped for clutter storage; considerable space is also another feature of HENSON, it perfectly demonstrates the metropolitan flexibility as either a backpack, shoulder bag or a handheld carry.

Two contemporary classic colors are available: Black and Olive Green. Only available at B:MING in Japan. Get ready for the coming Autumn/Winter with chic HENSON.

Open for Pre-Order on B:MING by BEAMS now!

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hellolulu 首個Helmet Bag - hellolulu x B:MING聯乘系列 HENSON

日本潮牌BEAMS旗下的服飾及生活品牌B:MING過往與hellolulu的聯乘產品都大受歡迎,承襲過往特色設計,hellolulu於今季再度與B:MING合作,矚目推出具濃厚軍事色彩的聯乘3 Way頭盔袋HENSON。

頭盔袋名副其實,是空軍用來裝頭盔的袋子,使用設定一向帥氣型格。今次hellolulu x B:MING聯乘系列的頭盔袋貫徹hellolulu及B:MING風格:簡約得來,又不失型格個性!HENSON配備背囊肩帶及肩包揹帶,隨時隨地化身背囊、單肩包或手提包。有別於坊間一般的頭盔袋, HENSON別注注入hellolulu signature設計細節- 隱藏磁石鈕扣,鈕扣在磁力作用下輕易合上,方便收納。HENSON更加入日本大熱的網面元素, 為袋子增添個性,輕微調和HENSON的軍事味,突出其輕時尚的味道 。


HENSON設有兩款經典配色:黑色及欖綠, 將在初秋前的8月尾,日本限定獨家發售,準備以輕軍事時尚迎接秋冬。

Open for Pre-Order on B:MING by BEAMS now!